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The International Association of Dinnerware Matchers (IADM) is composed of a group of independent services dedicated to assisting customers in locating those hard-to-find pieces of china, crystal and flatware-many of whom have been in business for a number of years. Formed in 1989, the purpose of the organization is to promote honesty, integrity and quality of service in this profession. We promote good business practices to include maintaining large inventories plus professional staffs that provide complete and efficient service to customers.

From an initial group of 30 members, the IADM has grown over the years to about 50 members in the United States and Canada. Our member dealers vary in size and in the products they provide. Some members are quite small and limit their products to one category (china, crystal or flatware) and to selected manufacturers. Other members handle all categories and carry nearly all manufacturers. All members, however, maintain a large inventory of the items in which they specialize.

In addition to maintaining our web site, the IADM publishes a printed directory, which is sent to over 5000 department stores, jewelry stores and other businesses carrying new dinnerware items. They can thus refer their customers to our members for patterns, which are no longer manufactured.

You may contact the IADM for inquiries about our organization, but we wish to emphasize that the IADM does not maintain inventories of our members’ products and cannot help regarding specific questions on tableware items. Contact our members directly for that information.

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